5901 westheimer road, houston tx 77057 g a l l e r i a
a r e a

21+ Only
Valid ID Required
2 Drinks to Sing

dress code:
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dress code

No hats or headwear of any kind except cowboy hats.
This includes but is not limited to du-rags, bandanas, and hairnets.
No plain white t-shirts.
No oversized t-shirts.
No tank tops, muscle shirts, or sleeveless shirts.
No sports jerseys or sweats.
No shorts allowed.
No oversized or baggy pants.
No sagging pants.
Pants must be worn at waist.
No Capri pants.
No flip-flops, sandals, or slides.
No heavy jackets or hoodies allowed during summer months.
Suit coats and sport coats are acceptable.

LADIES: Dress to impress.

operating hours:

mon-thurs: 8pm-2am
fri: 6pm-2am
sat-sun: 8pm-2am
holidays: 8pm-2am